Craft Therapy is a program that is geared towards people who enjoy working with their hands and those who want to learn a new hobby.  It will enable them to develop their creativity while making various craft item that could gain them potential income.

The program will entail three different segments: beginners, intermediate, and advance. At the end of each segment the client will:

  • Learn self—expression
  • Discover hidden faucets of their creativity
  • Give them a sense of accomplishment  after they have completed each project
  • …And so much more

MBSN for Life is a program of life lessons for the Total Being (through the engagement of) Mind, Body, Soul, Nutrition, Exercise and Therapy. Clients will be engaged in activities geared towards stimulating of their minds and use of their bodies to promote and develop a better lifestyle.

The purpose of this program is to provide a forum for the building, retention and development of a person transitioning from isolation to community. Targeting ages 18 to 99…

Outcomes: The program will allow persons to maintain their personality and use it to their advantage in the development their personalities to benefit their individual life.

Life Coach services are geared to help individuals to get their lives back on track by:

  • Assisting them in achieving their goals
  • Making changes and / or shifts in their lives
  • Confronting their fears
  • Overcoming their personal obstacles
  • Redirecting their steps
  • Rebuilding what they once thought was broken
  • Learning to forgive themselves