About Us

Potters House is a transitional center that offers a multidimensional program for building personal, vocational, and professional skills, that help redesign lifestyles of former prison inmates and their families. Oftentimes, former inmates face numerous barriers to successful employment, including: (1) employers often are hesitant to hire ex-prisoners for several reasons; (2) ex-prisoners often lack skills to properly market themselves to potential employers; and (3) ex-prisoners frequently lack the needed social supports that allow them to enter and remain in the workplace. These and other obstacles to reentry, such as substance abuse and housing, create a demand for structured reentry programs. Often, employers in need of qualified workers are more likely to hire ex-prisoners who are supervised by a reentry program than those who are not. A well-structured and highly-regarded program can make a substantial difference in the lives of ex-prisoners in your community.

PHTC is a locally owned and operated nonprofit organization in Atlanta, Georgia. It aims to help nonviolent inmates whom are released from prison and introduce them back into the commonwealth; through job readiness programs, life coaching, financial management, treatment services, transitional housing, and vocational training; allowing them an easier transition into society. PHTC guarantees free meals, relevant social activities, access to clothing, and shelter for our less fortunate partakers.

The head of our organization is, Ronald Williams. He has proficiently served former prison inmates and wayward youth offenders for over 30 years. He has serve in various prison systems where the rescission rate has increased due to no follow-ship program after release. PHTC is an organization that will ensure that the needs are met.  Mr. Williams’s wife, Elka Williams, serves alongside her husband; utilizing her skills, as a certified nurse, caretaker, First Aid assistant, and CPR trainer.